Dr. Maarten Joosen accelerates group learning and cooperation as an innovation facilitator, trainer, and performer in engaging and transformative behavior change activities enabling people to reach their highest potential. He playfully deploys different techniques to surprise people with new perspectives, using improvisation principles such as accepting and building on, letting others shine, and acting in the here and now. He emphasizes these principles not as a means for coming up with ad hoc solutions, but rather solutions in the here and now that fit in the story already being told—helping people navigate and succeed in an increasingly complex world.

Maarten guides organizations as a knowledge and business engineer, enterprise architect, and ICT consultant for a wide range of organizations. He is also facilitating students writing their master thesis in Software Engineering at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (Netherlands). Maarten received his Master of Science in both Psychology and Computer Science at Utrecht University and his Ph.D in Mathematical Psychology at the Radboud University Nijmegen.


  • Integration and structuring of knowledge into a greater, coherent whole
  • Facilitation, collaboration, and co-creation processes in agile environments
  • Rapid absorption of relevant knowledge in new fields
  • Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Engineering