Transparency around science

Clean Research is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit supported by no-strings-attached gifting. We base long-term funding decisions on science, engineering, and technology, not on the truth-distorting pressures of the markets and special interests. We give consideration only to those who commit to a more collaborative and participatory methodology for advancing planetary-critical science and technology.

Why no-strings-attached? Gifting is most effective if it comes with no conditions, embracing the true nature of generosity.

While it makes sense to want a say in how our gifts are used, the truth is that spending decisions are best made by the scientists and technologists who have the expertise to accelerate the solution to a challenge.

Additionally, no one becomes a scientist or technologist in pursuit of the fastest path to great riches. No one. Statistically speaking, gifts are safest directly in the hands of solution-focused experts.

Support the leading scientists, environmentalists, educators, and citizens championing truth in science to solve the planet’s greatest challenges.