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Proposal outline for first projects backed by Clean Research at the University of Washington (UW)

Our team is committed to solving the current research gaps associated with the production of “cell-based” meat. Furthermore, we believe that a single species focus will enable greater advancement of the science and move us closer to solving the problems associated with commercial-scale meat production.

Will cell-based meat ever be a dinner staple?

Published on, this article explores lab-grown meat's future by growing tissue efficiently at scale.

Growing Fish in a Dish

UW Medicine interviewed Clean Research Executive Director Alain Rostain and collaborator David Mack, Ph.D on growing lean fish meat from cells.

Lean fish have advantages over meat and poultry for cell-cultured protein production, claims nonprofit

Lean fish could have significant advantages over other aquatic or terrestrial species for cell-cultured protein production, according to the founders of Clean Research, a new open science initiative created to accelerate the research and development of cell-cultured fish.