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Proposal outline for first projects backed by Clean Research at the University of Washington (UW)

Our team is committed to solving the current research gaps associated with the production of “cell-based” meat. Furthermore, we believe that a single species focus will enable greater advancement of the science and move us closer to solving the problems associated with commercial-scale meat production.

Industrializing Cell-Based Meat: What Will It Really Take?

To help launch the first scientifically sound effort in cell-based fish, we ran two simulations with global experts.

Publication in One Earth

We are proud to announce publication in the esteemed sustainability science journal One Earth of our peer-reviewed manuscript on the future of cell-based meat, commissioned by the Cell Press editorial team.

Our Planet is in Crisis

This COVID-19 crisis will be over one day. We have an opportunity today to start addressing some of our other grand planetary challenges in a new, more effective model of innovation that is more generous, open, collaborative, science-based, and truthful. We could minimize the odds of future pandemics and deliver truly sustainable long-term solutions for humanity.

Re: “The End of Meat Is Here”

The opinion article in the New York Times, “The End of Meat Is Here,” gets some things right but misses the boat in two crucial ways. It’s the end of animal agriculture, not meat. And it’s not here, but near, if you consider 20 years or so “near.”

The Best Sources for Updates and News on the Coronavirus

For the most reliable information on the pandemic, RealClearScience has you covered. RCS compiles and shares clear, relevant, and evidence-based science news and opinion.

Scientists Reach 100% Consensus on Anthropogenic Global Warming

The consensus among research scientists on anthropogenic (human-caused) global warming has grown to 100%, based on a review of 11,602 peer-reviewed articles on “climate change” and “global warming” published in the first 7 months of 2019.

New European Regulations Could Create Opportunity for Cell-Cultured Fish Products

New commercial fishing regulations apply to the waters of the European Union and may pave way for field of cell-based fish.