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Re: “The End of Meat Is Here”

The opinion article in the New York Times, “The End of Meat Is Here,” gets some things right but misses the boat in two crucial ways. It’s the end of animal agriculture, not meat. And it’s not here, but near, if you consider 20 years or so “near.”

The Best Sources for Updates and News on the Coronavirus

For the most reliable information on the pandemic, RealClearScience has you covered. RCS compiles and shares clear, relevant, and evidence-based science news and opinion.

Lean fish have advantages over meat and poultry for cell-cultured protein production, claims nonprofit

Lean fish could have significant advantages over other aquatic or terrestrial species for cell-cultured protein production, according to the founders of Clean Research, a new open science initiative created to accelerate the research and development of cell-cultured fish.

Sizzling interest in lab-grown meat belies lack of basic research

As published on, this article outlines how ‘Clean meat’ firms have drawn tens of millions of dollars in investment in recent years, but technical hurdles remain.